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Vancouver Shipyard

The prime shipbuilding site for building the large complex non-combat vessels under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy program (NSS).

Seaspan Shipyards is proud to be Canada’s long-term, strategic shipbuilding partner for the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy under the NSS. The NSS is a nation-building effort to create a sustainable Canadian shipbuilding industry, secure long-term job opportunities and build the next generation of ships for the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy. Through its NSS–related work, Seaspan Shipyards is leading the redevelopment of our domestic shipbuilding industry on the West Coast and delivering on the promise of ships built in Canada, by Canadians.

Victoria Shipyard

The leading ship repair and modernization facility on Canada’s West Coast, offering full-service drydocking and wet berth refit services for all types of vessels.

Its strategically located facilities, deep technical expertise, a reputation for quality, on-time project delivery and outstanding customer service make Victoria Shipyards a sought-after partner to government and commercial fleets, in Canada and around the world. Victoria Shipyards specializes in complex projects up to complete vessel conversions. It is an integral part of the Canadian Navy frigate and submarine maintenance programs, with its highly specialized and experienced team providing critical maintenance on Canada’s Halifax-class frigates for over 20 years and in-service support for its Victoria-Class submarines for over a decade.

Victoria Shipyards is one of the few North American shipyards executing work on international cruise vessels and performing the first major vessel LNG dual fuel conversion on two ships. Victoria Shipyards operates within the federally owned Esquimalt Graving Dock (EGD), the largest solid bottom commercial drydock on the West Coast of the Americas.


  • Solid foundation graving dock 360m (1,200 ft) in length x 38.4m (126 ft) clear width – divisible in three sections to facilitate concurrent projects
  • Three rail-mounted cranes with up to 150-tonne capacity
  • Two deep water berths, one 340m (1,100 ft) x 10m (30 ft) and one 300m (1,000 ft) x 10m (30 ft)
  • Five diesel-powered mobile cranes ranging from 10- to 80-tonne capacity
  • On-site shops for steel fabrication, welding, sheet metal assembly, pipe fabrication and welding, machine shop, valve testing, electrical, joinery, sandblasting booth and spray-painting booth
  • Program management, engineering
  • Offsite warehousing and logistics support

Vancouver Drydock

full-service vessel service and repair facility with a reputation for quality, on-time delivery, flexibility and outstanding customer service.

Located on the north shore of Canada’s largest port, Vancouver Drydock plays an integral role in supporting the vessels that serve Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. Whether performing scheduled hull maintenance, replacing worn equipment, or fabricating and installing specialized machinery to enable a vessel’s mission, the skilled team of over 200 complete maintenance, repair and refit on over 50 projects per year on vessels ranging from small tugs, ferries, large freighters, Coast Guard vessels and cruise ships.

Vancouver Drydock ensures safe, environmentally responsible operations and superior quality to customers, and regularly invests in its facilities and technology such as robotic crawlers that use ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water to remove paint with no waste, and a robotic welding machine that improves the quality and accuracy of high-precision welding.


  • Two Lloyd’s Register classed floating drydocks, both with 30,000-tonne lifting capacity:
    • Panamax – 202m long x 46m wide between wing walls
    • Careen – 140m long x 34m wide between wing walls
  • 210m pier with 10.5m water depth, fully serviced by an 85-tonne cranes and a 15-tonne crane servicing the Panamax drydock. 
  • On-site heavy machine shop with two 40-tonne overhead cranes and lathes capable of handling shafts up to 18 metres (50 feet)
  • On-site water treatment plant
  • Expertise, project management, technical support, pre-arrival

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Our Heritage

Seaspan Shipyards has a long and proud heritage. For well over a century, our shipyards have built, repaired, and maintained vessels on Canada’s West Coast for a variety of domestic and international customers, including the Canadian Government. During World War I, the shipyards flourished by building crash boats, minesweepers, and supply ships. Vancouver Shipyards moved in 1968 from the shores of downtown Vancouver to its present 40-acre custom-built facility on the North Shore of the Burrard Inlet at 50 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver. Since its inception the company has consistently performed to high standards of excellence.

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Victoria Shipyards

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