21 January 2022

Agreement reached with Seaspan Ferries Corporation and Canadian Merchant Services Guild

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. – January 21, 2022.  Seaspan Marine Transportation confirms that operating unions at its affiliate company, Seaspan Ferries Corporation (SFC), have reached an agreement… Read More

15 December 2021

Fraser River Discovery Centre Programs Boosted by Seaspan and Southern Railway of British Columbia

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. – December 15, 2021.  Indigenous and Fraser River Education Programs provided by the Fraser River Discovery Centre Society will be enhanced by a… Read More

2 November 2021

Seaspan Shipyards Invests $1.65M to Create New Research Chair in Welding Technologies and Metallurgy Research at BCIT

Research to Focus on Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Welding and Metallurgy to Enhance Competitiveness of BC Marine Sector NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. – November 2, 2021.… Read More
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SEASPAN is an association of Canadian companies primarily involved in coastal marine transportation, shipdocking/ship escort, ship repair and shipbuilding services in Western North America. In addition to the marine transportation services offered directly through Seaspan, commercial ferry, shipyard and bunkering services are provided via affiliate companies: Marine Petrobulk, Seaspan Ferries, Vancouver Drydock, Vancouver Shipyards and Victoria Shipyards.

THE WASHINGTON COMPANIES is a general inclusive term referring to the association of separate business entities in which Montana businessman Dennis R. Washington holds a significant ownership position. The Washington Companies are headquartered throughout the United States and western Canada and conduct business internationally. They are involved in rail transportation, marine transportation, construction and mining, heavy equipment sales, aviation technology, real estate development, and administrative services. For further information visit the Washington Companies’ websites.

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