Tug & Barge Services

Seaspan Marine has the most extensive collection of tugs and barges on Canada’s West Coast

We provide transportation of raw materials & finished goods for the forestry industry, have specialized barges for transportation of bulk chemicals and oil products, and have an extensive fleet of flat-deck and bulk-material barges suitable for transportation of construction materials and project cargo.

Seaspan’s fleet of River, Coastal, Ocean and Harbour tugs are manned 24-hours a day 365-days a year to provide our customers unmatched service levels. Our best-in-class mariner training and extensive ISO certified safety programs mean our mariners deliver dependable, safe performance on every job we do. Whatever your needs, Seaspan offers competitive rates and industry leading performance. Read more about our extensive range of tug & barge services in the sections below.

Seaspan’s services are offered subject to the appropriate Terms and Conditions, links to which are below:
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Forestry Industry

Since the company’s beginning, Seaspan tugs and barges have moved raw materials and finished products for the forestry industry. Whether wood chips, hog fuel, raw logs or finished lumber or paper products, Seaspan’s fleet of specialized barges have been there without fail to keep the industry running efficiently. Seaspan Log Barges are famous along the west coast and transport harvested timber from remote coastal logging camps for processing by sawmills and pulp mills. These unique barges have twin cranes for self-loading and discharge their cargo quickly and with minimal log damage by tipping sideways to unload. The barges are suitable for open-ocean conditions and have 16,000 – 17,000 tonne capacity to provide highly cost-effective transportation on a per cubic-metre of log basis. 

Our fleet of 70 Chip & Hog-Fuel barges range in size from 1200 to 1400 Volumetric Units capacity and are used to deliver these raw materials to coastal pulp mills within the Salish Sea. Our large Bulk-Products barges are suitable for open-ocean conditions and can also be used to transport chips and hog-fuel when large quantities of product need to be moved over long distances.

Our covered Paper Barges provide a dry, secure means to transport pulp and paper products from mills to distribution centres and local ports, while lumber can be efficiently transported on a variety of our flat-deck barges. Seaspan also transports bulk chemicals and rail cars to many coastal pulp mills.

For more information on transportation for logs, wood chips, hog-fuel and lumber or paper products, please contact us.

Tugboat & Towing Services

Seaspan has the largest and most capable fleet of tugboats on Canada’s West Coast. In addition to hauling our own barges, Seaspan tugs are available to move customers’ equipment or tow customers’ vessels. From dead-ship tows to more complex projects like towing offshore drilling rigs, Seaspan has the vessels best matched for your needs. In addition, Seaspan’s ISO-certified safety program and best-in-class trained marines mean we have the experience and expertise to complete every job efficiently, safely, and on-time. Vessels are available for individual jobs or on a time-charter basis. Please contact us to discuss your tugboat and towing needs and receive a quotation for services.

Bulk Chemicals & Rail Barging

Seapan’s chemical barges are modern, well-equipped double-hull designs meeting all Transport Canada and IMO requirements for transportation of bulk chemicals. Three barges are available and currently configured to carry liquid caustic (Sodium Hydroxide solution), liquid chlorate (Sodium Chlorate solution) and vegetable oils & tallow for chemical processing. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Project Cargo & Marine Construction

Seaspan provides tug and barge services for project cargo and marine construction. Whatever your needs, Seaspan has the specialized knowledge, skill and equipment to support your business needs.

Seaspan’s extensive fleet of flat-deck and bulk-product barges are used to move project cargos and specialized equipment from Mexico to Alaska and the western Canadian Arctic. Our ocean-going tugs are barges can move equipment across vast distances and provide service from North America to Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.

Seaspan’s project team has extensive experience moving unique and challenging items. Whether it’s highly liquid marine dredge material, prefabricated plant modules, off-shore drill rigs, large cranes, ship loaders, or large building structures, Seaspan and our network of business partners can develop a tug and barge solution that meets customer requirements for cost, safety and timelines.

Seaspan’s extensive fleet of tugboats, ISO-certified safety program and the best-trained mariners in the industry means that every job is done efficiently, safely to the highest standard possible. Please contact us to discuss your project needs and receive a quotation for services.

Petroleum Products

For over 50 years, Seaspan has been moving refined petroleum products around the Salish Sea safely and without incident. Our fleet of petroleum barges are all double-hulled designs with the latest safety features and systems. Each of our four barges are suitable for refined transportation fuels and have capacities ranging from 25,000 to 82,000 barrels. All barges are OCIMF SIRE approved and are operated by highly trained SOTO certified barge operators. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Bulk Materials

Seaspan’s fleet of bulk-product barges are suitable for transporting a wide range of materials. Some of the products we move include rock, gravel & aggregates, road salt, coal and shale. Our bulk-product barges range in size from 1,500 to 16,000 tonne capacity and can be configured in different ways to meet our customer’s specific needs. Several barges have integral conveyor systems to facilitate off-loading.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quotation for services.