Repair, Refit and Maintenance

Repair, Refit and Maintenance

Seaspan’s Victoria Shipyards and Vancouver Drydock provide repair, refit, and conversion work for a range of government and commercial clients. At Victoria Shipyards, we are currently engaged with the Canadian Government on two long-term refit and modernization projects; the Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC) to modernize the Royal Canadian Navy’s current fleet of submarines, and the Halifax-Class Work Period (HCWP) to maintain and modernize Canada’s West Coast-based Halifax-class frigates. In addition to these long-term contracts Victoria Shipyards also completed the first large-vessel LNG conversion, and regularly completes short-term maintenance and repair projects on large cruise ships and fishing vessels. Vancouver Drydock also completes regular maintenance and repair on vessels for both government and commercial clients, including vessels owned by the Canadian Coast Guard and BC Ferries. They also complete short-term repair and maintenance projects on a range of smaller cruise ships, barges, tugboats, fishing vessels, and yachts.

Long-term naval contracts at Victoria Shipyards

Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC)

Victoria Shipyards is the prime subcontractor to Babcock Canada, providing long-term maintenance and technical support to the Canadian Navy’s Victoria-class submarines and building Canada’s centre of excellence for submarine repair and maintenance. Submarines represent some of the most technically complex platforms, with precise integration of equipment and systems in a confined space to carry out their missions in harsh, deep-sea environments. Since 2008, Victoria Shipyards has been a trusted partner, sought after for its highly skilled workforce and facilities that deliver precise support and maintenance needed to maintain and modernize these important vessels for Canada. Together with Babcock Canada, Victoria Shipyards provides project planning, estimating and execution of comprehensive, multi-year refits – the third line of maintenance known as Extended Docking Work Periods (EDWPs) – as well as shorter, first- and second-level maintenance work periods.

Halifax-Class Work Period (HCWP)

In 2019, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards began performing docking maintenance work on the Royal Canadian Navy’s fleet of Halifax-class frigates. This work is an extention of the Frigate Life Extension (FELEX) modernization program, which Victoria Shipyards has been undertaking over the last decade. The maintenance support for Canada’s frigates will see Seaspan provide docking work periods for Canada’s five Halifax-class frigates stationed on the West Coast. The frigates require a wide range of engineering change work, equipment installations, docking work and corrective maintenance activities to ensure they remain operationally available and relevant through to their end of life.

Recent Ship Repair Updates