Vancouver Drydock Expansion

Seaspan is pleased to be making substantial investments to upgrade and expand its Vancouver Drydock infrastructure in North Vancouver to better support the West Coast marine industry’s ship repair and maintenance needs.

Seaspan received permit approval from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) in October 2023 to extend its North Vancouver drydock facilities to increase capacity and service additional vessels. The drydock expansion includes extending Seaspan’s current water lot by 40 metres and the addition of two new smaller drydocks and a floating work pontoon to the west of the two existing drydocks. The project is expected to take approximately four months, with the drydocks and work pontoon arriving by water fully assembled. The project is subject to 61 conditions that address the impacts of noise, air emissions and lighting. Seaspan has committed to implementing several mitigation measures to its existing operation, as well as to the expanded facilities. 

More information on the Project and environmental review process and supporting information  can be found here on the Port of Vancouver’s website. 

CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier at Vancouver Drydock

About Vancouver Drydock

Located on the north shore of Canada’s largest port, Vancouver Drydock plays an integral role in supporting the vessels that serve Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. Whether performing scheduled hull maintenance, replacing worn equipment, or fabricating and installing specialized machinery to enable a vessel’s mission, the skilled team of over 200 complete maintenance, repair and refit on over 50 projects per year on vessels ranging from small tugs, ferries, large freighters, Coast Guard vessels and cruise ships.

Latest Information

Seaspan will post updates with relevant project documents, milestones and notifications about construction activities on this project page as they are developed and completed throughout the course of the project. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, Drydock Operational Update to receive email updates about the project and activities at Vancouver Drydock here. You can also subscribe to Seaspan’s monthly newsletter, The Seaspan Signal, to learn more about what is happening across the organization here.

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