Vancouver Drydock Water Lot

Shipyards have been a part of our neighbourhood for over a century – building, repairing and maintaining the many vessels that ply our West Coast waters.

Project update:

Seaspan received a permit for its Vancouver Drydock Water Lot Expansion project from the Port of Vancouver on October 3, 2023. We thank the community and our stakeholders for engaging with Seaspan throughout the permitting process. We are committed to implementing the conditions and mitigations related to this permit – you can read the full permit on the port’s website.

Shipyards have been a part of our neighbourhood for over a century – building, repairing and maintaining the many vessels that ply our West Coast waters.

At Seaspan’s Vancouver Drydock, we take great pride in being a link from North Vancouver’s rich maritime history to the diverse and vibrant Shipyards District waterfront community we have today – and we look forward to continuing that tradition for many years to come. As a company, our goal is to build a multi-generational business that will create sustained jobs and economic activity in our local community for decades to come. To enable this, we are consolidating our repair and maintenance services at Vancouver Drydock and focusing our shipbuilding activities at our Pemberton site.

At Vancouver Drydock, this means making improvements to better use our land and the space within our water lots. We have applied to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to extend our water lot and add two new smaller floating drydocks and a work pontoon to our existing drydock operations.

In 2021, as part of the port authority’s Project & Environmental Review (PER) process, Seaspan undertook a number of activities to both notify the community about the proposed project and to solicit feedback. Based on the input received in the summer of 2021, Seaspan identified a number of proposed mitigations to address community feedback and from July 27, 2022 through to September 14, 2022 requested further input on the proposed mitigations. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their perspectives. Summaries of these activities, as well as other information, is available below or on the port authority’s website.

Thank you for your participation

Thank you to all of our neighbours who participated in our 2021 & 2022 public engagement. Our Engagement Summary and Consideration Reports are available below.



The following Report and Appendices provides a comprehensive reporting of the feedback Seaspan received during the 2021 and 2022 public engagement activities. The Report also outlines how Seaspan has considered and is proposing the address the feedback.

2022 Supplementary Public Engagement Report

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