Seaspan Marine – CEO update to employees – April 8

Team –

Since my last communication, I have heard from you and know myself that these past two weeks have been challenging. Yet, we’ve proven we are adaptive and resilient. What was once considered new and uncertain is becoming routine, and we know that we can and will continue to adapt as COVID-19 developments continue to unfold. Thank you for your commitment to each other, to the company and to the community.

At Seaspan, we have over 130 years of experience in navigating some of the world’s most difficult waters. We are steadfast, dependable and get the job done reliably and safely. Our deep-rooted relationships in coastal communities and with our customers is based on this heritage and trust through difficult times. That’s not changing.

In fact, today Seaspan is being trusted to play a critical role in transporting desperately needed goods to frontline workers to help them battle COVID-19. We are proud to be doing our part to support our frontline heroes — those doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others in hospitals and clinics, care aids in long-term care facilities, food bank volunteers and other community service workers, and others who are in direct contact with the most vulnerable.

As a sign of gratitude to our frontline healthcare heroes, mariners across the industry are participating in the nightly 7 p.m. cheer by sounding their ship’s whistle. The company continues to encourage participation whenever possible. Seaspan’s recent participation was captured on video.

As mariners you know the importance of the ship’s whistle. It’s often used to indicate our intention as to how we plan to navigate. In uncertain times it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly. To that end I want to remind everyone what the company’s key priorities are during this time:

Priority 1 – Ensure the continued health, safety and well-being of all Seaspan employees. Be assured that we are following all COVID-19 guidance and directives of the public health and government authorities. Thanks to each of you for respecting and complying with all preventative measures implemented at and outside work.

Priority 2 – Ensure all work is conducted safely. This is a people business. Everyone matters. I know it will be difficult at times to stay focused on the job, but in our line of work the stakes are high. Even a split-second lapse in concentration can have life-altering consequences. Moments like this are what we train for; our highly experienced workforce knows how to get the job done safely.

Priority 3 – Ensure continued ferry and barge services to Vancouver Island. Seaspan Ferries transports nearly 60% of the consumer goods moving to and from Vancouver Island. Our fuel barges transport half of the diesel and gasoline consumed on the island. These communities rely on us and we must deliver.

Priority 4 – Ensure continued critical transportation and tug support services. Many customers depend on us to deliver the raw materials and move the finished products that keep their businesses running. We play a vital part in our customers’ supply chains and will prioritize service to our long-term customers. We also play an instrumental role in keeping the Port of Vancouver open. We make sure the vessels are safely guided to and from marine terminals and refueled prior to departure. Few companies play a more critical role in terms of mitigating damage to our national economy.

You can expect to hear from me with any new information and changes, as COVID-19 developments unfold.

The Easter long weekend is days away. Connecting with family and community will be different this year as people are encouraged to make their connections through technology and respect physical distancing. Thank you for your dedication and for your commitment to working safely – your efforts have a meaningful impact on the health and well being of our community. Stay well.


Frank Butzelaar
Chief Executive Officer, Seaspan Marine Transportation