About Seaspan Marine

Beginning in 1898 as a small company serving BC’s coastal communities, Seaspan today is a prominent marine transportation company operating along the west coast of North America.

With over 130 years of experience in navigating some of the world’s most difficult waters, Seaspan is committed to delivering on of the best and most prominent marine transportation along the West Coast of North America. Our services range from heavy lift and oversized cargo transportation to environmental barge services, project cargo, drill platforms, 24-hour dispatch and much more. Under of parent company, Seaspan ULC, we are further strengthened by the specialized capabilities of our many affiliated companies that include:

  • Marine Petrobulk Limited Partnership
  • Seaspan Ferries Corporation
  • Vancouver Drydock Company Ltd.
  • Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd.
  • Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd.

Seaspan’s group of high-quality Canadian companies are primarily involved in coastal and deep-sea transportation, fuel bunkering, shi repair and shipbuilding services on the west coast of North America. With well over a century of successful participation in coastal commerce, we are proud to say we are a major partner in the Pacific Northwest economy.

Bound together by our passion to Deliver the Best Marine Solutions, we are focused on building a legacy of excellence that will last for centuries.

With the most modern, powerful, state-of-the-art fleet found on Canada’s West Coast, Seaspan provides marine transportation services – including deep sea towing and salvage – up and down the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to Alaska to the Arctic. We offer specialty barges which transport logs, wood chips, petroleum, chemicals, pulp and paper, lumber, bulk commodities, and rail cars to satisfy your transportation requirements.

We pride ourselves on the qualifications and experience of our knowledgeable personnel. Every individual has been selected not only for their degree of training and proof of performance, but for their inherent service of attitude; our Masters have an average length of service of 25+ years. Seaspan employs over 2,200 specialists working together to serve your marine transportation requirements in the most efficient manner possible.