Our response to COVID-19 has highlighted the long-standing commitment to safety and the respect that our employees share to ensure everyone returns home safely each day. Some of the actions to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in our workplace include the following:

Key Health & Safety Controls

We quickly implemented lock-down requirements for non-essential workers, moving as many employees to remote work as operations would allow. We segmented critical operations from unnecessary outside contact and limited visitors to only those needed to keep operations moving. Those remaining onsite were spread out across available office space and plexiglass and other types of partitions were used to enhance protection for employees, customers and allowed guests.

Social Distancing & Masks

For those working on-site, we implemented and enforced social distancing protocols across all operations, ensuring that physical distance was available and enforced for offices, workspaces, and conference rooms. When not possible, actions were taken to increase protection through wearing of masks, advanced cleaning, and limited numbers to reduce potential infection. Mask policies were implemented across all operations consistent with mandates.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

We undertook a stringent approach to cleaning using industry leading cleaners, services, and best practices to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We conducted deeper and more frequent cleaning of shared areas and surfaces. After known infections, we used advanced cleaning services to sanitize the workspace. Facilities inspected and upgraded air distribution and filtering systems to reduce airborne spread and air quality testing was widely used across most locations.

Health Checks

To help employees better monitor their personal health, we developed employee self-guided health check processes and used daily health check applications. Additionally, temperature checks were either implemented or encouraged based on worksite requirements.

Communications & Employee Resources

We provided weekly and often more frequent communications so team members could stay aware of community and company developments. We educated employees about how to stay safe inside and outside of work, including tips and resources for maintaining good physical and mental health.