Seaspan Shipyards – CEO update to employees – March 27


Over the course of the week, I have walked our shipyards each day, talking to our trades and operations teams who continue to push forward on the ground. I have been on daily video “Teams” calls with our program office, contracts folks, finance group and many others who have carved out space to work for Seaspan in their homes – in their dining rooms and on kitchen tables. We are working together while working apart to manage the business and to keep key projects running. I want to take this opportunity to simply thank each of you.

Across all three of our yards, I have seen incredible diligence, effort and commitment to hold each other accountable and make sure every one of us is following the preventative measures required to operate safely in our new normal — from physical distancing, to handwashing, to extra cleaning. I’ve talked to some who’ve raised a concern, which allowed us to figure out a solution, and put a fix in place right away. I’ve overheard people reminding each other to wash their hands. I’ve been called out myself for walking too closely to someone else. We’ve got each others’ backs, and that’s what teamwork looks like.

And there are many others outside of Seaspan who have been working non-stop to keep us, our families and our neighbours safe. A sincere thank you to our cleaning staff who have scrubbed and double-scrubbed acres of rooms and surfaces. And to those who are on the front lines providing healthcare, support, service and hope to the most vulnerable in our communities. We have been in touch with local agencies tasked with emergency management and providing support to understand their greatest areas of need and what Seaspan can be doing to help. The lines of communication with our community partners are open and they are grateful to know that Seaspan is available to them.

I have never been prouder to lead Seaspan Shipyards, or to be in this industry. People in our company, and those like us in shipyards around the world, are cut from a special cloth, with a humble and hardworking attitude that values progress over praise, and with an ability to rise above, adapt and innovate. The greatest challenge in a generation has brought out the very best in us.

I will continue to keep you updated but will shift to communicating with you on an as-needed basis rather than daily. For now, the end of the week is here. Go home, get some rest, stay healthy, take care of yourself and your families.

Have a great weekend.