Seaspan Shipyards – CEO update to employees – March 25


As we continue to adjust and adapt our operations to the current COVID-19 environment, I am happy to report that it was a good day across all of our yards with no major developments or disruptions.

Seaspan employees demonstrating appropriate social distancing on the jobIn a relative moment of calm, I want to thank all those across the yards who are “stepping up” their social distancing efforts. This was the scene on the OFSV3 today. Well done.

Keeping two metres between us is a small and easy thing we can all be doing all day long – at work and at home – to keep ourselves, each other and our families safe.

Additional information on social distancing and other precautions we can be taking are available on the Government of Canada Public Health website. Please take a moment to review.

Finally, we know your families may be concerned and we want to ensure they have the same access to information that you do about COVID-19, so we have begun posting some internal updates to the Seaspan webpage.

Keeping our distance will help us get through this together.

Have a great evening.