Seaspan Employee at W Site Tests Positive for COVID-19


Over the weekend we learned that another Seaspan Shipyards employee has tested positive for COVID. This employee, who works at the W Site, was last at work on Tuesday, September 8 and is now self-isolating at home. This positive test is unrelated to the VDC case announced last week. The W Site employee proactively went for testing after learning there had been close contact over the long weekend with a friend who later tested positive.

This employee works independently, and we have determined there was no direct contact with other employees at the W Site on September 8. The employee’s work area has been thoroughly disinfected and the risk of transmission to Seaspan employees remains low.

My thoughts are with the two Seaspan individuals who have tested positive, and I wish them all the best in their recoveries. I also commend them for reaching out to our Wellness Team quickly, so that our team could take immediate action. In collaboration with public health officials and a team of medical consultants we have well-defined response protocols to react swiftly as circumstances warrant.

This second positive test confirms for me that Seaspan’s protocols for managing COVID are working. It is also a sobering reflection of the rising number of COVID cases in BC, and a reminder to all of us that we must continue to be cautious – not only at work, but in our communities and with our family and friends.

Please remain vigilant at all times and follow public health recommendations to stay safe. If you are experiencing symptoms or feeling unwell, stay home, advise your supervisor and seek appropriate medical attention. If you are concerned or have any questions, please contact Tina Craig, Manager of Seaspan Wellness (w: 604-990-3316; c: 778-874-4438; e:


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