COVID-19 case at VSY


There has been a new positive case of COVID-19 reported at Vancouver Shipyards. The individual, a day shift worker at VSY, was last in the shipyard on Friday, November 13.  They started to exhibit symptoms on Saturday and took the correct actions by immediately going for a COVID test, then staying home, advising their supervisor and Seaspan Wellness.

After receiving a positive test result, contact tracing was conducted, indicating that the individual had close contact, as defined by public health, with three people at VSY. All of those employees have been informed and are now self-isolating as a precaution. A thorough cleaning of the workspaces has also been completed. Thanks to the individual’s proactive and responsible actions, potential exposure to others was minimized. I know you will join me in sending best wishes for their fast and full recovery.

It is important to remember that the single most important thing you can do to avoid transmission is to keep at least two metres (six feet) between you and others. A secondary line of defence is to wear a mask. As a reminder, we expect everyone to wear masks when in common areas inside all of Seaspan’s office buildings.

Given the rising number of reported cases within BC, the unfortunate reality is that we will be hearing about more COVID-19 in the community and potentially at our company. The good news is our protocol, process and especially individual actions are working well.

Early action is key to limiting the spread of COVID-19. Please model the good behaviour of others and if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness or feeling unwell, stay home, advise your supervisor and seek appropriate medical attention. If you are concerned or have any questions, please contact Tina Craig, Manager of Seaspan Wellness (w: 604-990-3316; c: 778-874-4438; e:

Thank you for staying safe and staying vigilant.



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