Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards makes progress on JSS2 with delivery of 17m long bulbous bow

February 16, 2024

Our team at Vancouver Shipyards continues to make significant progress on the second Joint Support Ship (JSS2), the HMCS Preserver, for the Royal Canadian Navy. 

The ship’s 17m long bulbous bow, constructed by local company Ideal Welders Ltd., was delivered via barge to the shipyard last month. 

At roughly 131t, including cradles and tables, the bulbous bow setup for JSS2 weighs as much as 12 school buses. 

Once in the water, its purpose is to modify the flow of water around the hull so that the vessel is able to flow through water more efficiently, consuming less fuel compared to a vessel with a conventional bow.

Bulbous bow exiting shop at Ideal Welders

bulbous bow on Seaspan barge

Drone photo of bulbous bow in front of JSS1