National Engineering Month: Meet the Engineers Driving the Canadian Shipbuilding Industry

March 29, 2022

National Engineering Month is Canada’s largest celebration of engineering excellence. This year’s theme, “There’s A Place for You in Engineering,” celebrates the diversity of thought, opportunities, and people that make up the engineering profession. It is the perfect opportunity to introduce some of the engineers across Seaspan’s Vancouver and Victoria Shipyards, and highlight the role they play in fostering a strong, diverse, and inclusive engineering culture. 

Jyoti Rani, Jr. Liaison Engineer 

What is your job at Seaspan?  

What is the primary focus of your role?  

Tell us about your educational experiences.  

What is your favourite part of being an engineer? 

Niyousha Esmaeili, P.Eng. Sr. Manufacturing Engineer  

What are your primary job responsibilities?  

Where did you go to school?  

How does engineering enable you to solve problems?  

Sebastian Cline, Manufacturing Engineer  

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?  

What is your job title? Educational background? 

What is your role’s primary focus?  

Ryan Tuira, Technical Superintendent  

What is your educational background?  

What is your job at Seaspan?  

What do you enjoy about your role?