How the Victoria Shipyards Indigenous Advisory Committee is promoting a more equitable workplace for all

June 21, 2024

At Seaspan, we’re committed to building and nurturing our relationships with Indigenous peoples. The Victoria Shipyards Indigenous Advisory Committee is a grassroots committee focused on promoting an inclusive and equitable workplace for all. 

“I’m third generation here at the shipyard. My son is also working at the shipyard, and he just had a daughter. What we’re doing, it’s not for me in general, it’s for my son, and if my granddaughter comes down here, it’s going to be for her,” said Lawrence Sam, Labourer and Victoria Shipyards Indigenous Advisory Committee Member

Through input from Indigenous employees, the committee works to foster a sustainable future for Seaspan and its workforce. The Indigenous Advisory Committee is made up of volunteer members who meet monthly to raise and action opportunities for improvement in alignment with committee terms and Seaspan’s core values.

Get to know some of the committee members and learn more about the support they offer: