Azimuth Thrusters Installed on Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel

June 11, 2024

The team continues to make exciting progress on the Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel (OOSV) at Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards with the successful installation of two azimuth thrusters, which will make up the ship’s propulsion system.

Weighing in at 37,900 kg each, the thrusters are propellers mounted in a pod that offer advanced steering capabilities by rotating the unit horizontally. The innovative design eliminates the need for a traditional rudder and is engineered to operate in icy waters, ensuring that the OOSV is ready to carry out its mission even in arctic climates.

“This is a major achievement for the program and a critical task related to launch preparation. Installations of this magnitude require extensive work from many different groups. I’m immensely proud of the team for working together to successfully execute this complex installation. Thank you to all involved – I look forward to many more exciting moments as we approach the launch and delivery of OOSV.” said Dave Phillips, OOSV Ship Manager.

Now that the ship’s thrusters are in place, Seaspan can finalize the propulsion integration and shift their focus to all other critical scope required for launch such as tank completions and exterior paint.