Outfitting Pier Extension


Seaspan Shipyards has been competitively selected as the non-combat shipbuilder for the Government of Canada under the National Shipbuilding Strategy. The Government of Canada and Seaspan have entered a long-term strategic relationship to build vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Seaspan proposes to construct a new outfitting pier located within the Vancouver Shipyards site in North Vancouver to accommodate new vessel construction. The Project includes the removal of the existing outfitting pier; a timber structure approximately 155 m in length and 10 m in width (originally constructed in 1966 and extended in 1974) and installation of a new outfitting pier constructed with steel piles and a concrete deck approximately 272 m in length and 19.2 m in width.

Construction of a new outfitting pier will be a major investment in the Vancouver Shipyards (Seaspan) and the Canadian shipbuilding industry by making local shipbuilding operations more efficient and improving upon delivery dates of new-builds which have been awarded as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

For more information go to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.

See the Construction Notice here.

Map of Proposed Works and Surrounding Properties

The map below shows the area of the proposed works within the Seaspan property and the surrounding properties within a 5-kilometer radius.


Project Description

Components of Seaspan’s Outfitting Pier Project include:

1.Demolition of the existing timber outfitting pier which involves:

  • Removal of the timber deck, approximately 155m long by 10m wide,
  • Removal of timber stringers and pile caps,
  • Removal of approximately 590 wooden creosote treated piles and 4 steel piles,
  • Removal and repurposing the existing floating walkways surrounding the pier,
  • Removal and re-use of 9 floating steel camels,
  • Removal of 8 timber cluster dolphins currently mooring the camels.


2. Construction of a new outfitting pier above the water surface which involves:

  • Installation of approximately 126 1.1m diameter steel piles,
  • Installation of 19 concrete pile caps,
  • Installation of concrete beams spanning between pile caps,
  • Installation of concrete topping and second stage pile cap concrete,
  • Installation of ancillary deck infrastructure such as bollards and bullrails,
  • Installation of fender panels,
  • Installation of a rail mounted travelling portal crane,
  • Installation of a mooring dolphin immediately south of the outfitting pier.


The area surrounding the pier will be dredged within the basin to accommodate changes in bathymetry in the basin associated with sediment transport and Seaspan transportation and tug vessel activities. The dredge depths will be completed consistent with past dredge programs in the basin to ensure appropriate water depths for vessels being constructed and outfitted at the new pier.

Dredging is planned to be completed during 2021. As a first phase dredge program an area of approximately 21,146 m2 will be removed beneath and around the new pier. The base elevation of the dredge pocket will be approximately -8.8 m CD in order to accommodate construction and completion of the JSS vessels.

Dredging will be subject to a separate Notification to DFO and dredge works will be conducted under requirements of the Code of Practice, including isolated dredge works completed during the Burrard Inlet least risk fisheries window. Disposal at sea, for a portion of the dredge material, is being applied for through Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) based on sediment sampling within the shipyard basin.

Figure 1 below provides an aerial view of the proposed outfitting pier superimposed over the existing outfitting pier and surrounding facility.

Outfitting Pier Site Plan


Figure 1 Proposed Outfitting Pier Site Plan


Figure 2 below provides a plan view of the new outfitting pier showing the extent of proposed dredge area in light blue.

Figure 2 Proposed Outfitting Pier Dredge Pocket


Updated February 2024: General construction of physical activities related to this Project may be conducted 24 hours per day, 7 days per week through to the completion of construction. This includes working nights, weekends and all holidays, and includes all construction activities, with the exception of the use of an impact hammer for pile driving, which is only permitted during regular working hours between 7am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday.

Project Milestones

The current project schedule milestones for the Outfitting Pier are as follows:

Milestone Date
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Project and Environmental Review Permit Application Submitted 02/28/2020
Fisheries and Oceans Canada-LOA Received 02/05/2021
Transport Canada CNWA Approval 04/07/2022
Disposal at Sea Permit PYR-00196-1 11/05/2022
Detail Design Complete – Stantec 05/30/2023
Procurement Complete – Seaspan 07/10/2023
Dredging Phase Commences 08/16/2023
T-Dock Demolition Substantially Complete 08/31/2023
Pier Construction Starts 10/03/2023
Pier Substantial Completion 05/2025

Key Contacts

For more information about Seaspan’s project and construction activities, please contact:


For additional information regarding the project components and submissions to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (port authority), please visit the port authority project website.