Developing Talent and Expertise

Across Seaspan Shipyards we are proud to employ a diverse and talented group of approximately 2,700 individuals.

Our National Strategy

As part of our NSS commitment, Seaspan Shipyards is helping to rebuild Canada’s marine industry. This is partially accomplished through our Industrial & Regional Benefits (IRB) and Value Proposition obligations with the Government of Canada. Doing so allows us to contribute to the development of a sustainable marine industry that can serve Canada for years to come, while realizing opportunities in other markets.

Seaspan Shipyards Contributes $2.6 Billion to Canada's GDP

As strategic partner under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) and a growing reputation as a centre of excellence in shipbuilding, repair, conversion and service, Seaspan Shipyards is a significant economic engine for BC and for Canada. As a result of its NSS-related activities, Seaspan Shipyards contributed $2.6 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product between 2012-2021. Read the summary of our latest socioeconomic impact report and learn more about how we are rebuilding an industry and creating value for Canada.

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Canadian Jobs Created




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Current Apprentices Across Seaspan Shipyards

Featured Suppliers

Hawboldt Industries

Hawboldt Industries of Chester provides deck equipment for the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels and Joint Support Ships, including anchoring and mooring packages and main deck cranes. Hawboldt Industries is proud to be contributing to the renewal of Canada’s fleet and will leverage the opportunity into strong international exports, creating even more value for Canada. As a Nova Scotia company, Hawboldt Industries’ involvement demonstrates the national impact of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.




Safway Services Canada

Safway Services Canada provides marine insulation services that protect power, propulsion, electrical and water systems on the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels and Joint Support Ships. Installing marine insulation is complex and detailed work, done before, during and after the work of other trades. Safway Canada is proud to be part of the team building Canada’s next generation of large ships.

Jastram Engineering

Jastram Engineering Ltd. of North Vancouver supplies turnkey maneuvering systems for the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels and Joint Support Ships. The systems include a complete rudder assembly, steering system, and all interfaces required for seamless integration. The company also supports installation and provides training. Jastram is proud to deliver critical equipment designed and produced in Canada to the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy.




BluMetric Environmental

BluMetric Environmental Inc. of Ottawa is providing Shipboard Reverse Osmosis Desalination (SROD) water purification systems for the Joint Support Ships. The BluMetric SROD is an advanced water purification system that will result in significant fleet energy savings while almost doubling fresh water output. BluMetric is proud that the women and men of the Royal Canadian Navy will benefit from its cutting-edge water purification technology on board their vessels.

Supplier Network


Seaspan Shipyards works with hundreds of Canadian suppliers from coast to coast to coast. As progress continues on our National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) commitments, we continue to develop strategically important partnerships across our supply chain. Through these partnerships, we are helping to promote the long-term strength of the entire marine industry and ensuring that the economic benefits of the NSS are felt across the country.