Seaspan Marine – Barging


Seaspan’s fleet of self loading, self discharging log barges serve both the domestic and international markets.


Seaspan’s chip barge fleet is dedicated to transporting sawmill by-products. The barges range in size from 800 to 1460 volumetric units (1500 to 3000 short tons) and are used to carry wood chips, sawdust and hogfuel to pulp and paper mills in coastal British Columbia and Puget Sound, Washington. The chip barges are open, flat decked and high sided and are typically discharged by either overhead crane or by front-end loader through a removable stern panel.

Pulp & Paper

Seaspan’s fleet of covered house barges transport pulp and paper products from various BC coastal mill locations to local terminals in the Vancouver area.

Bulk/General Cargoes

Seaspan has a diverse fleet of flat deck barges that can carry a wide range of cargoes (project cargoes, lumber, aggregates, steel).


Seaspan has a fleet of railcar barges capable of servicing domestic and international ports in the Pacific Northwest.


Seaspan’s fleet of petroleum barges serve the domestic and international chemical and petroleum markets of the Pacific Northwest.