SFC Tariffs

Explains our tariff and tiering (volume) rates including our terms and conditions.

SFC Tariff No. 50

Tariff No. 51 Effective January 1, 2024

SFC Tariff No. 51



ERC surcharge is currently 18.1%

The Energy Recapture Charge (ERC) will be assessed and adjusted on a regular basis.  The ERC is based on a basket of energy sources including LNG, RNG, marine diesel, biofuel, and electricity, where the mix of energy costs will be compared to the previous period and adjustment to ERC made accordingly.

Once changed, the ERC will be advised to customers in the current month and be effective from the first day of the following month.

Bill of Lading Terms & Conditions

You can find our Bill of Lading Terms & conditions in the following link:

Bill of Lading Terms & conditions