Snuneymuxw Territory – June 28, 2022 – Snuneymuxw First Nation and Seaspan Ferries Corporation (“Seaspan”) announce the parties have entered into agreements regarding current and proposed projects in Snuneymuxw Territory, including mechanisms on how to work together on an on-going basis. On March 10, 2022, Snuneymuxw Chief Mike Wyse invited Seaspan COO Gordon Miller to the Snuneymuxw Council Chambers to sign long-term collaborative agreements with Snuneymuxw First Nation on behalf of Seaspan Ferries Corporation. Agreements include a Relationship Protocol Agreement and Impact Benefit Agreement.

Seaspan has been operating on Snuneymuxw territory at Duke Point Terminal for more than two decades and the signing of these collaborative agreements stem from years of discussions and negotiations.

“This relationship with Seaspan is welcome and necessary for the future prosperity of our region,” says Chief Mike Wyse. “For over 20 years Seaspan has operated in our territory and these new agreements create opportunities for our Nation to contribute to and benefit from the wealth and resources of our territories. In our view, our Snuneymuxw Treaty of 1854 is a trade and commerce treaty that enables economic reconciliation and participation in benefit of our Nation. I look forward to fostering a relationship that results in long-term, meaningful opportunities for Snuneymuxw citizens.”

These agreements also include how Seaspan and Snuneymuxw First Nation can best engage and work together to promote mutual interests and benefits in connection with Seaspan’s operations and activities in Snuneymuxw Territory. They also exemplify Seaspan’s commitment to build and nurture respectful relationships and meaningful partnerships with Indigenous Nations whose territories are impacted by Seaspan’s operational activities.

Gordon Miller, Seaspan COO, commented that “while these agreements provide a framework for the collaboration between our people, we first and foremost value the relationship we have built together and are grateful for the trust Snuneymuxw First Nation has shown to Seaspan. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership and creating additional opportunities with Snuneymuxw.”

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