Truck-to-ship LNG bunkering at Seaspan Ferries using a FortisBC tanker truck.

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC. – October 25, 2019. On October 23, the BC government made an important announcement in Vancouver to support the establishment of ship-to-ship LNG marine refueling services along the west coast of North America. Premier John Horgan committed $25,000 in support of a study to examine the environmental, competitive and social impact of LNG marine refueling, also known as LNG bunkering.

Five years ago, Seaspan committed to LNG as a viable marine fuel source on the West Coast and has since heavily invested in the technology and logistics to ensure we have a secure and safe source of LNG to fuel our vessels. As an active partner with FortisBC on operationalizing LNG bunkering services, and the first to establish onboard truck-to-ship LNG bunkering for our new fleet, Seaspan would like to thank Premier Horgan and the BC government for their commitment to LNG as a clean fuel source for British Columbia. We strongly believe that this is a step in the right direction toward creating a lower carbon future and fully support future LNG activities in our province.


“The two LNG hybrid vessels currently in our fleet have operated with greenhouse gas emission reductions of over 50% compared to traditional vessels; a large part of which is directly linked to the use of LNG fuel. These results prompted the planned expansion of our fleet of LNG vessels. A commitment to LNG is the right decision for our business and for the environment.” –
Frank Butzelaar, Chief Executive Officer, Seaspan Marine Transportation




About Seaspan Marine Transportation
Seaspan Marine Transportation is a group of Canadian companies that are primarily involved in ship assist, coastal and deep-sea transportation, ferry services and fuel bunkering on the west coast of North America. With well over a century of successful participation in coastal commerce, Seaspan is a major partner in the Pacific Northwest marine economy.


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