July 18, 2019 – NORTH VANCOUVER, BC – Seaspan announced today a $25,000 contribution to the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Community Salmon Program, which will be allocated toward a
multi-phase project in Lower Mosquito Creek, spearheaded by the North Shore Streamkeepers.

Restoration efforts will focus on developing estuary habitat in a part of the creek bordered by Mosquito Creek Marina and the Squamish Nation’s marina and float home community. The area is subject to tidal flooding which is a good thing for salmon. Surging saltwater can bring nutrients and small creatures that salmon eat from the marine environment.


“The North Shore salmon community has been a strong partner in conservation for a long time. One of the first Foundation grants we made 30 years ago went to the Seymour River Salmonid Society. Since then, we’ve provided more than $1 million in grants to the North Shore. But, the better story is that those projects were actually valued at over $11 million with local individuals and businesses such as Seaspan making up the difference.” – Michael Meneer, President and CEO of the Pacific Salmon Foundation

“We believe that being a good corporate neighbour on the North Shore includes investing in our marine environments. Partnering with Pacific Salmon Foundation and the North Shore Streamkeepers means we can contribute directly to the protection and restoration of one of the world’s most environmentally sensitive marine ecosystems.”- Peter Lister, Vice President Commercial for Seaspan Marine


About Pacific Salmon Foundation
Pacific Salmon Foundation was created in 1987 as an independent, non-governmental, charitable organization to protect, conserve and rebuild Pacific Salmon populations in British Columbia and the Yukon. The Foundation’s mission is to be the trusted voice for conservation and restoration of wild Pacific Salmon and their ecosystems and works to bring salmon back stream by stream through the strategic use of resources and by supporting local communities. www.psf.ca

About Seaspan’s Community Giving Program
As a long-serving member of BC’s maritime community, Seaspan has a proud history of giving in our communities. We believe that by investing today in the communities where we live and work, we can make a real difference tomorrow. Our charitable giving program is direct, hands-on, and local, empowering individuals, charitable organizations and our Seaspan team to put our core value of care into action for the benefit of future generations.

From left: Cory Matheson, Pacific Salmon Foundation; Keegan Casidy, North Shore Streamkeepers; Peter Lister, Seaspan; Chris Lewis, Squamish Nation Council; Glen and Dolores Parker, North Shore Streamkeepers.



Corinna Bork
Seaspan ULC


Elayne Sun
Pacific Salmon Foundation