Driving Improvement

Every day we’re improving the way we build ships, with advancements in 3D design and prototyping to advanced robotic welding to automated steel cutting. Right down to the way we can outfit a ship from the inside out. It all adds up to be on a trajectory of improvement. Seaspan has been executing a continuous improvement plan to aggressively improve efficiency, value for money, quality and increased capacity and throughput.

Driving Value

With advancements in design to supply chain streamlining —including in our steel production facilities — we’re on course to deliver ships faster and for lower cost. 40%+ fewer labour hours were needed to construct the first fifteen blocks of JSS 2 versus the same fifteen blocks on JSS 1.

Driving Efficiency

Our ability to outfit a ship with more detailed and advanced systems built pre-assembly will save money and time. Every improvement we make today increases performance for decades to come, making every ship more efficient than the last. Between OFSV3 and JSS1, we have achieved a 125% efficiency improvement (by person-week) in electrical cable installation.

Driving Innovation

Our engineering and design costs are coming down, thanks to technological investments combined with a more experienced workforce that make Seaspan one of the most modern, most efficient and most able shipyards in North America. Outfitting levels are >80% better on OOSV than JSS 1 at equivalent stages of construction.


Seaspan Shipyards has built and delivered three Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels, the first full class of large vessels under the National Shipbuilding Strategy, for the Canadian Coast Guard. The missions of these vessels include monitoring the health of fish stocks, understanding the impacts of climate change, and supporting research that allows us to better understand our oceans. Delivery of these vessels was completed in 2020.

The Future

Seaspan Shipyards is currently designing one Heavy Polar Icebreaker for the Canadian Coast Guard. This vessel will be the largest ship and flagship of the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaking fleet, with a critical role in protecting Canada’s Arctic sovereignty. Delivery of this vessel is expected in 2030.

Seaspan Shipyards is also currently designing the first fleet of what will be a total of 16 Multi-Purpose Vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard, which will support a variety of missions, including aids to navigation, icebreaking, and offshore search and rescue. Delivery of these vessels is expected to be well in to the 2030s and beyond.

Seaspan's Recent Highlights Under the National Shipbuilding Strategy

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