Canada’s Next Generation of Non-Combat Vessels

Under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), Seaspan Shipyards will build 17 ships for the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy in our initial inventory of work. This package of non-combat ships includes the three OFSV-type vessels currently under construction.

NSS Rendering-Next Generation

The vessels we are building include:

Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV)

A 63m Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) fisheries research vessel, the OFSV will be deployed on Canada’s east and west coasts. These ships will allow for a better understanding of the health of fish stocks and their ocean environment. The first OFSV was launched on December 8, 2017. The second and third ships are currently under construction at Vancouver Shipyards.

Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessels (OOSV)

seaspan-offshore oceanographic science vessel

* Image Reproduced by permission of Canadian Coast Guard and STX Canada Marine

An 86m Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) oceanographic research vessel, this ship will be deployed on Canada’s east coast. Once in service, the OOSV will develop hydrographic charts and bolster our understanding of the ocean’s physical environment. A single-ship of this class is to be constructed.

Joint Support Ships (JSS)

seaspan-joint support ships

* Image Rendering courtesy of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Canada

At 174m, this is the longest class of NSS-vessels currently slated for construction at Seaspan. With two vessels to be built – and an option for a third – these ships will provide support to the Royal Canadian Navy’s task groups when they are deployed around the globe. With these ships, the Navy will have access to essential supplies, including fuel, ammunition, provisions, and other materials anywhere they are required. The strategic value of these vessels is enhanced because of their communications and medical suites – both of which are built to NATO standards – and their improved maneuverability and defence capabilities that will allow them to enter demanding environments.

Polar Icebreaker

seaspan-polar icebreaker

* Reproduced by permission of Canadian Coast Guard and VARD Marine

A 150m icebreaker, this ship will have the capability to operate year round in some of the harshest and most challenging marine environments. The Polar Icebreaker will be a fundamental part of the Canadian Coast Guard’s fleet. It will provide essential safety, commercial, and security services to Canada’s northern communities.

Up to 5 – Medium Endurance Multi-Tasked Vessels

Up to 5 – Offshore Patrol Vessels