COVID-19 – Update to Seaspan Suppliers

Seaspan suppliers,

Seaspan’s highest priority is the health and safety of everyone who works with and at Seaspan, including all of the suppliers who make up such a critical part of our supply chain. As the COVID-19 situation evolves rapidly, Seaspan continues to closely monitor developments and follow the guidance and directives of public health and government authorities.

With respect to our suppliers, we have implemented several practices and preventative measures to help ensure the safety of all individuals and help flatten the curve in our communities. These practices apply to everyone who visits, works at, and delivers supplies to our sites, as follows:

Suppliers delivering shipments to Seaspan

Shipments to Seaspan currently continue as normal. We have implemented contact precautions for our Receiving staff but there should be no delays experienced by delivery companies and suppliers. We expect all personnel – suppliers and staff – to adhere to social distancing protocols at all times.

Suppliers who work out of their own offices but who visit Seaspan sites to meet with staff

All planned in-person on-site meetings are now cancelled. If you have an on-site meeting planned and have not received an update, please call or email your contact at Seaspan but do not come to Seaspan’s site.

Suppliers who work on-site, either periodically or regularly

All suppliers who work on-site at any Seaspan site are required to conduct themselves in accordance with all practices, policies and preventative measures implemented at the Seaspan offices and shipyards. These measures include: self-isolating when indicated, frequent hand-washing, practicing social distancing at all times, working from home where practical, and staying home if you feel unwell.

If anyone in your organization tests positive for or has been exposed to COVID-19

If any individual at your supplier organization who has worked at or visited a Seaspan site or has been in contact with any Seaspan staff tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed, we ask that you immediately contact your Seaspan representative.

The Seaspan executive team is actively monitoring and responding in real-time to developments, needs and information. We are reviewing and assessing our operational status on a daily basis and adjusting and escalating our actions as circumstances warrant. We will continue to post updates on our COVID-19 updates page at

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to your normal Seaspan contacts. We appreciate your understanding, continued support and flexibility during these challenging times.

Thank you,

Steve Christiansen, Vice President, Supply Chain, Seaspan

Mark Goss, Director, Corporate Supply Chain Management, Seaspan