Meet Laura Veitch, Winner of the Inaugural Mike Ash Apprentice of the Year Award

At Seaspan Victoria Shipyards, we’ve recently introduced the Mike Ash Apprentice of the Year Award, in honour of Mike Ash; a legendary figure at Victoria Shipyards renowned for his unparalleled work ethic, expertise, leadership, and dedication to his peers.

Join us in celebrating and learning more about Laura Veitch, the inaugural recipient of the Mike Ash Apprentice of the Year Award.

Laura Veitch headshotHow does it feel to be the inaugural recipient of the Mike Ash Apprentice of the Year Award?

It feels amazing. Just to be recognized is an honour. I have received such a warm reaction from everyone in the yard, and it’s really great to see how excited people are.

What do you think got you to this moment?

I believe it’s been a combination of things. I show up on time and have a strong work ethic. I’m respectful of my peers and superiors; I’ve continued my education, including extra courses offered by our Union. I like to think I excel in school, and I always help others. I often get involved in showing visitors from places like WITT and Work Experience our site and processes. So I think just showing people you are keen and willing to try your hardest, and be excited to learn is the best way to start—the skills will develop as you move through your apprenticeship.

This is a huge achievement for you as an individual; how do you balance that with the importance of teamwork at Seaspan Victoria Shipyards?

Teamwork is extremely important! Receiving this award is not without the learning I received from the teaching of my peers & journeymen. I’m always grateful for people willing to share their knowledge and tricks with me, as well as when others are willing to listen to and consider my ideas. Together we are stronger.

What’s next for you?

I look forward to continuing my skill development, whether technical or personal, through attending a variety of courses. I’m excited to be co-teaching a course in April at Camosun, and hopefully the opportunities will continue at Victoria Shipyards.

Do you have any encouragement or guidance for current Seaspan apprentices who may be nominated for the 2024 award?

Work hard, have a good attitude and listen—soak it all in. Don’t be afraid to offer up ideas and ask questions.