Value Proposition (VP)

What is Value Proposition?

Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards is honored to be the Non–Combat Shipbuilder for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard under the National Shipbuilding Strategy. As part of Seaspan Shipyards’ agreement with the Federal Government, Seaspan Shipyards has committed to re-invest 0.5% of each resulting contract to champion and lead development of a sustainable marine industry in Canada. As such, Seaspan Shipyards has developed a value proposition strategy that will focus these investments in three key priority areas: people, products and processes.

Human Resource Development – People: This building block focuses on developing the workforce to leverage our Human Resources Development initiative which provides entry-level trades training, co-op education, training endorsement, managerial technical training, and university training in marine disciplines. Workforce development is critical to establishing a sustainable and competitive marine industry in Canada, and to Seaspan Shipyards, it’s “people first.”

Technology Investment – Products: Leverage emerging technologies to create new markets and fuel exponential growth for the greater marine industry in Canada, this element will focus on investment in cutting-edge technologies that will differentiate and demonstrate Canadian Marine Industry’s value propositions to the rest of the world. With our partnerships, this initiative will further encourage private sector investment in marine research, new products, and new systems for the Canadian shipbuilding industry.

Industrial Development – Processes: This element will focus on improvement initiatives leveraging modern tools, techniques, and processes to enhance and enable Canadian marine industry in increased productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. Seaspan Shipyards recognizes the importance of a healthy eco-system of marine supply base and surrounding industrial capabilities that complement the shipbuilding activities.

How will the VP program be managed?

A Value Proposition Oversight Committee (VPOC) consisting Seaspan’s senior leadership team sets Seaspan’s Value Proposition investment objectives and provides oversight to ensure delivery of the Value Proposition elements. As a regular member of the VPOC, Seaspan’s IRB/VP team leads the efforts of communicating and coordinating NSS Value Proposition activities.

ALL NSS Value Proposition proposals will need to be approved by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISEDC) to claim VP credits.

How can a Canadian Organization/Business participate this program?

Potential Candidates can contact Seaspan Shipyards; an investment proposal will be required from the candidates detailing the investment activities.

How will Value Proposition Proposals be evaluated?

Value proposition proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • They must fall within at least one of Canada’s three priority areas for the marine sector – Human Resource Development, Technology Investment, or Industrial Development.
  • They must clearly demonstrate that they will contribute to the growth and sustainment of Canada’s shipbuilding industry and/or the marine industry that supports shipbuilding in Canada.
  • For greater clarity, the marine sector includes all enterprises engaged in the business of designing, constructing, manufacturing, supplying, repairing and/or maintaining vessels, or component parts.
    • Proposals, which, in the sole opinion of the Board, are not within the marine sector and are not within one of Canada’s three Priority Areas, will not be recommended or be declined or returned for further clarification.

The Board will evaluate proposals and, using its own knowledge and expertise, prioritize the acceptable proposals.

A list of acceptable proposals, along with their priority in the list and the recommendations of the MSIAB, will be presented to the VPOC. The VPOC will make its own determination of whether to select and provide funding for a proposal and the amount and scheduling of the investment. Any Value Proposition funding from Seaspan Shipyards will be subject to Seaspan Shipyards and the recipient entering into an agreement specifying the terms and conditions under which the funding will be provided and also specifying performance monitoring requirements for the investment.

What is the Timing and Duration of Investment Funding?

Seaspan Shipyards has begun evaluating and investing in NSS VP proposals, and will continue the Proposal solicitation and evaluation process until all planned funds under NSS VP is exhausted. Please note that Value Proposition commitments are contract dependent and the actual funding release will be tied to Seaspan Shipyards’ NSS project contracting timeline.