Seaspan is looking for talented welders to apply for rewarding work in the shipbuilding industry in North Vancouver. We are looking to supplement our existing steel teams with experienced welders who are available to travel to North Vancouver and work on some of the most significant projects in Canada. It is expected that the demand for this extra labour will last for many months to come and into 2024.

The offer:

  • Hourly rate of $47.42 for Red Seal OR $40.31 non-Red Seal
  • Double time OT
  • Living away from home allowance of $195 p/day worked

All welders at Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards are union members of Marine & Shipbuilders – Local 506. We will arrange for your membership promptly.

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Seaspan Shipyards Recruitment - Welders

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Welders have a major role in the shipbuilding industry. Ships of this size and complexity require the deposition of large amounts of high-quality weld to ensure the structural integrity of the ship while at sea and to ensure the integrity of the many different systems required to make the ship operate. Welders utilize FCAW, SMAW, GTAW, and SAW processes as well as some automated GMAW/MCAW equipment to complete these high-quality welds. To satisfy this demand, Seaspan is seeking Red Seal Qualified Welders and/or Welders with multiple years of welding experience in heavy manufacturing and/or pressure welding.

If you have this experience and want the opportunity to contribute to something bigger, please send us your details right away.

Shipbuilding at Seaspan


Seaspan Shipyards is proud to be Canada’s long-term, strategic shipbuilding partner for the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy under the National Shipbuilding Strategy. As a direct result of this, Seaspan Shipyards has work for decades to come. To complete these exciting projects, we rely on thousands of skilled trades workers in North Vancouver. Now is the time to come to Seaspan and apply your skills to be a part of something important, and something that lasts. We need people from all trades to join our team and work with us to build, repair, and refit vessels of all sizes at Seaspan Vancouver Shipyard.

We have decades of consistent, local work ready, where you can build ships during the day and go home to your family at night.

Ship Construction


Seaspan Shipyards has built and delivered three Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels, the first full class of large vessels under the National Shipbuilding Strategy, for the Canadian Coast Guard. The missions of these vessels include monitoring the health of fish stocks, understanding the impacts of climate change, and supporting research that allows us to better understand our oceans. Delivery of these vessels was completed in 2020.

In Progress

Seaspan Shipyards is currently constructing two Joint Support Ships for the Royal Canadian Navy,  which will provide underway support to naval task groups, including the re-supply of fuel, food, ammunition, spare parts and other supplies between ships at sea. These vessels are the longest naval ships ever to be constructed in Canada.  Delivery of these vessels is planned for 2025 and 2027. 

Seaspan Shipyards is also constructing one Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard , which will be the primary oceanographic science platform for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Equipped with the latest scientific research apparatus, the OOSV will be able to meet its crucial mission to increase our overall understanding of the impact that climate change has on the oceans. Delivery of this vessel is planned for 2025.

The Future

Seaspan Shipyards is currently designing one Heavy Polar Icebreaker for the Canadian Coast Guard. This vessel will be the largest ship and flagship of the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaking fleet, with a critical role in protecting Canada’s Arctic sovereignty. Delivery of this vessel is expected in 2030.

Seaspan Shipyards is also currently designing the first fleet of what will be a total of 16 Multi-Purpose Vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard, which will support a variety of missions, including aids to navigation, icebreaking, and offshore search and rescue. Delivery of these vessels is expected to be well in to the 2030s and beyond.

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