Seaspan Shipyards Stories

From Jeweler to Seaspan Welding Apprentice

Tara-Lee Gardner was on cloud nine, sitting in a restaurant across the street from Seaspan, after a very successful pre-employment weld test at Seaspan. She and another applicant were excitedly discussing the company and the prospect of a career there, when something unexpected happened.

The story starts about a year before that, though. Then, Tara-Lee Gardner was working full-time as a jeweler, yet having a hard time making enough money to live in one of Canada’s most expensive cities. Read more »

With Support from ACCESS, Jordan Harper Found a New Career at Seaspan

Jordan HarperJordan Harper knows exactly where he was and what he was looking at when he first heard about Seaspan. While eating lunch with a friend at Lonsdale Quay, he saw a beautiful yacht tied up alongside. It belonged to Seaspan Chairman, Kyle Washington; and it sparked the conversation that would change his life. “My friend told me who it belonged to and all about the company. He said that it was pretty hard to get a job at Seaspan because everyone wants to work there, that getting an apprenticeship there is like winning the lottery.”

At that time, Jordan was working for a roofing company where he was being put in dangerous situations on a routine basis. He was married, with a daughter and another child on the way. Financially, they were just getting by. Read more »


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