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Changing the face of the workforce also means adapting the uniform

With Canada set to face a massive shortage of skilled trade workers over the next 10 to 15 years, recruitment is an urgent focus for trade sector organizations.

In addition to outreach to the traditional sources, groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in the manufacturing and construction sectors are being sought out and urged to consider careers in the trades.

One rich and nearly untapped source is women. Women make up about half the labour force but less than 4 percent of the skilled trade sector. Small wonder that governments, industry associations, colleges and trade schools, trade unions and employers are encouraging women to consider a career in the trades. Read more »

From Jeweler to Seaspan Welding Apprentice

Tara-Lee Gardner was on cloud nine, sitting in a restaurant across the street from Seaspan, after a very successful pre-employment weld test at Seaspan. She and another applicant were excitedly discussing the company and the prospect of a career there, when something unexpected happened.

The story starts about a year before that, though. Then, Tara-Lee Gardner was working full-time as a jeweler, yet having a hard time making enough money to live in one of Canada’s most expensive cities. Read more »


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