Seaspan Shipyards – VISSC

Navy Submarine Program (VISSC)


The Canadian Navy’s Victoria-Class consists of four – 2400-ton diesel-electric submarines. The submarines were built in the United Kingdom and commissioned into the Royal Navy between 1990 and 1992 as the Upholder class. In 1992 the UK Ministry of Defence decided to direct all submarine expenditure to nuclear-powered submarines and subsequently decommissioned the Upholder class submarines in 1994.

In April 1998, Canada reached an agreement with the UK to purchase the four Upholder class submarines to replace their three aging Oberon class submarines. Upon transfer to the Royal Canadian Navy, the submarines were re-named HMCS Victoria, HMCS Windsor, HMCS Corner Brook, and HMCS Chicoutimi and the class renamed the Victoria Class. HMCS Victoria and HMCS Chicoutimi are stationed on the West Coast with HMCS Windsor and HMCS Corner Brook on the East Coast. When combined with the surface fleet they help ensure the maritime security mandate established by the Canadian Federal Government.

Victoria In Service Support Contract (VISSC)

On June 30, 2008, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) awarded VISSC to the Canadian Submarine Management Group (CMSG) later to become Babcock Canada Inc. Victoria Shipyards is the prime sub-contractor for VISSC and provides a highly skilled workforce and shipyard facilities.

Together with Babcock Canada Inc., Victoria Shipyards provides project planning, estimating, and executing of the submarine refits, known as Extended Docking Work Periods or EDWPs. At any particular time, one of the four Victoria Class submarines will be in the Victoria Shipyards facility undergoing an EDWP. The VISSC contract is currently schedule to end in mid-2023.

Submarine Work to Date

Victoria Shipyards’ Submarine Program has been assisting the Canadian Navy for over eight years. This
has included:

  • Assisting the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton (FMFCB) in the execution of HMCS Victoria’s EDWP;
  • Planning and execution of HMCS Chicoutimi’s EDWP;
  • The Planning of HMCS Corner Brook’s EDWP; and
  • Currently, the execution of HMCS Corner Brook’s:
    • EDWP; and
    • Bow repairs.
  • Assisting FMFCB with HMCS Victoria’s intermediate docking; and
  • Assisting FMFCB with HMCS Chicoutimi’s short work periods.

The Future

The Seaspan – Victoria Shipyards Submarine Team is committed working with our Babcock partners to deliver Canadian submarine repair and maintenance on time and on budget. The magnitude of this task is known and accepted and fits well within our core purpose of “Passionately Delivering the Best Marine Solutions”.