47’ Motor Life Boats

MLBsVictoria Shipyards built and delivered twenty-four– 47 foot Motor Life Boats from 2003 to 2005. These vessels were deployed across the nation and remain a stable part of the Search and Rescue foundation for Canada. Victoria Shipyards was later awarded a similar contract in August 2009 to construct five additional 47 foot Motor Life Boats, which were all delivered by March 2011. The basic hull design, purpose and layout of the vessels remained the same as the first 24, however, new equipment and electronics were introduced on the latest 5 vessels.

The first keel was laid in November 2009 and construction continued in full force for the next year and a half while each of the 5 vessels were pre-fabricated, built by way of modular construction, assembled, launched and trialed. Vessels #1 (Cap Aupaluk) and #2 (Cape Rescue) were delivered to the Canadian Coast Guard in September 2010 and October 2010. These first two vessels were shipped via heavy lift barge in December 2010 to the East Coast Coast Guard Station in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where they will be deployed for use in Quebec and Ontario.

The last three vessels (Cape Dauphin, Cape Nadan and Cape Palmerston), which were all delivered ahead of schedule, remain on the West Coast for Search and Rescue operations throughout the Pacific Region.

All of the vessels are constructed as day vessels with a crew of four, a 200-mile offshore range, the capability for a complete rollover of the vessel, and to reach speeds of up to 30 knots.

This project required a close working relationship with Public Works and Government Services Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada and a multitude of Victoria Shipyard’s suppliers and subcontractors which lead to a rewarding achievement for all parties.