Seaspan Reliant plays key role in international research partnership

A researcher from the University of California monitors measurement equipment onboard the Seaspan Reliant.

As part of an ongoing campaign to gather data on the long-term impact of switching from diesel fuel to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Seaspan Ferries recently welcomed researchers from the University of British Columbia and the University of California onboard the Seaspan Reliant.

Our two dual-fueled ferries provide one of only few opportunities for researches to monitor real-time exhaust emissions on industrial vessels using LNG. In what was a logistically challenging project, the team of scientists, supported by Seaspan Ferries’ Harley Penner, Vince Percy and Fergus Pawlik, created a multi-day sampling plan, loaded scientific equipment onboard the Reliant, and spent a number of days conducting trials under a variety of operation conditions.

The findings provided an emissions inventory, allowing Seaspan Ferries to make operational adjustments that will further reduce harmful emissions on our ferries. The research has been published in two scientific papers so far, with one more to follow. It is expected to help guide international policy development for years to come.