March 8 is International Women’s Day and we are celebrating by putting the spotlight on some of the inspiring women who lead the way at Seaspan. They have shared with us their thoughts on leadership, success and motivating others.


“Collaboration, Teamwork and a Can Do Attitude is How I Like to Lead. Be a Good Listener, Question Everything and Always Try to Focus on Solutions Rather than the Problem at Hand.”

Lorri Stewart – Manager, Harbour Operations


“Success is Achieved First and Foremost by Putting in the Effort and Working Hard. Other Important Elements are Respect for Others, Perseverance and Resilience.”

Rosy Levchuk – Requirements & Acceptance Manager




“Establishing Common Goals for the Team and Supporting Each Other on Achieving those Goals are what Defines Success for me. I am so Grateful to Have Such a Devoted and Passionate Group of People Working Together.”

Karen Obeck – Director, Property, Facilities and Security




“I Show up to Work Each Day with a Smile and the Desire to be Challenged. In my Role, it is Important to be Positive and Lead by Example.”

Stephanie Jang – Electrician Chargehand



“My Leadership Style Involves Finding a Connection, Listening More Than Talking, Asking Questions, Supporting Individual Ambitions, Continuous Communication and Above all, Seeking Balance.”

Heather Christie – Program Director, Large Vessel Division



“Success for me is Always Defined by the Success of the Team. This Demands to Lead by Example, to Collaborate in Order to Build Partnerships and to be a Leader who Knows What She Wants, but one who Leads with Empathy.”

Sarah Merkes-Nielsen – Director, Shipyards Business Technology Solutions


“Success to me is Making Others Smile, Being Content with who I Truly am and Satisfied with the Work I do Every Day.”

Sarah Gilbert – Manager, Operations & Fuel Services Sales



“I want other tradeswomen not to shy away from an opportunity to advance in their career. There are challenges to being a woman in the trades, but the greatest success is not letting those challenges get in the way of achieving your dreams.”

Cherie Wesson – Welding Lead Hand


“Success to me means making full use of your potential and bringing out the potential in those around you. Lead by example, be accountable to others and most importantly be true to your own values and truths.”

Shawna Kellock – Manager, Marine Personnel



“Even though I work in Finance, every vessel that we have built since I started here in 1981, from Hull 93 up to our latest Hull 195, I have contributed to successfully building all of these vessels. My heart and soul goes into each one with pride.”

Nancy Matthews – Senior Finance Manager



“Don’t limit yourself because of others. If shipbuilding is what you enjoy doing, don’t ignore your passion because of what other people might think, say or do. Just go after it and prove them wrong!”

Kelly Livanou – Acting Manager, Naval Architecture & Outfitting



“You are nothing without your team! Listen, inspire, engage, support and always use a common sense, collaborative approach.”

Karen Clarke – Supply Chain Manager



“Lead by example and always encourage your team to question the status quo.”

Barb Mellor – Senior Subcontracts Specialist




“Surround yourself with great people and treat them well. The right people can be your most valuable resource. “

Lisa Chow – Manager, Accounting Operations




” I have been very fortunate; I really enjoy my job and truly care about the company, my co-workers and our customers. I believe this has resonated with the team, without all of us working together no one succeeds.”

Colleen Detina – Manager, Forest Products & Aggregates



“I have always managed with the thought that I will never ask someone to do a job I would not do. As for my team, I truly feel success is reached when they have an opportunity to shine, showcasing their unique skills to promote them within their role.”

Sherri Haight – Senior Finance Manager