Economic Impacts

What it Means For You!

  • Overall economic growth to BC in the billions.
  • Ability to sustain over 3,000 direct jobs through the life of the project.

Through the NSS, the Government of Canada is embarking on one of the largest military procurement projects since WWII. The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSS) is a 30-year, $35 billion project that will see the building of new fleets for Canada’s Navy and Coast Guard.

The NSS will allow for investment in people, processes and facilities.


At its peak, it is expected that Vancouver Shipyards will have a workforce in excess of 800 hourly workers. A management and technical staff in excess of 100 people will support this workforce.


As the program develops, new process technologies and methods will be developed and implemented which raises Seaspan Shipyard performance to work class levels. The combined flow of government work allows for these processes, technologies and methods to be refined for the benefit of Canada and other customers.


The award of the Non-Combat program allows for the single largest investment in shipyard facilities in half a century. The future facilities are based upon best practices used around the world and implemented by a strong local and foreign team.


The Non-Combat program, will provide steady work for a period of up to 30 years. A steady workload for that period of time would allow for:

  • The creation of more than 5000 direct, indirect and induced jobs for the projects’ at their peak.
  • Long-term Investment
    Further development of leading edge naval design, ship and combat systems technologies in Canada.
  • Strengthen training and educational partnerships with Colleges and Universities through a sustained shipbuilding program.
    New build programs allow for a unique opportunity to hire apprentices and provide long-term training. New build programs also provide both steady and consistent workloads over an extended period of time. This allows apprentices to complete their studies with the knowledge that there is continuity of work to return to. This is not the case with ship repair, where demand is week-to-week or even day-to-day.
  • Ability to Attract Skilled Professionals & Create an Industry-leading shipbuilding capability on the West Coast able to compete globally.
    Ships are complex structures that require a high level of skill and knowledge to ensure a quality product is manufactured. These skills and knowledge are very specialized and gained over time. They require steady employment to attract top professionals in these fields. The previous boom and bust cycles did not allow for steady employment and thus did not provide stability to attract these employees. The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy allows for stability in the industry to foster the development of the next generation of this sought after skill set.