Design-then-Build Approach – National Shipbuilding Program

A design-then-build approach is being implemented for each of the shipbuilding projects. The design-then-build approach, which is the best practice used internationally, reduces risk and improves the efficiency of the overall shipbuilding process. This approach will allow Canada and the shipyards to get design and production details right before cutting steel. The design-then-build approach:

  • Facilitates a collaborative understanding of the requirements before starting construction;
  • Ensures progression of the design to production level before starting construction;
  • Enables informed understanding of design/cost tradeoffs before starting construction;
  • Allows for simulation and modeling to be completed in order to attain a high fidelity costs before awarding construction contracts; and
  • Reduces unnecessary risk premiums through a risk management approach, allowing risks to be defined and understood throughout the process

The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy continues to seek third-party advice, where appropriate, to inform decisions and review costs while employing a strong governance structure to make informed decision and manage cost/capability trade-offs.