Marine – Vessel / Tugboat Mate – Continuous


Transport Canada

  • Bridge Watchman Certificate

Prerequisite Requirements

  • Marine Medical Certificate
  • MED A1 – Basic Safety* (MEDI 1000)
  • Basic Safety Training (MEDI 1500)
  • MED – Survival Craft (MEDI 1800)

Seaspan Requirements

  • Marine Basic First Aid* (MSSM 1025)
  • Cooking Certification (or equivalent skill)
  • Pre-employment Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Physical & Aptitude Test
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Valid Passport
  • BC Food Safe Level 1
  • Seaspan Deckhand Training Program (2 weeks)
  • Supernumerary Requirements (14 days)

*Course included in Bridge Watchman Certificate Course at BCIT

Note: Completed MED A1 and B2 exempt applicant from requiring Basic Safety Training

What does a Mate Do?

  • Mates are second in command to the Master. They are and are responsible for deck operations, and maintaining a navigation watch. They also assist in handling lines, wires, and towing tackle for the tug and its tow.
  • Mates have barge towing and/or log towing experience, knowledge of the BC Coastline, and of the Vancouver Harbour and Fraser River.
  • Mates operate heavy machinery such as winches, cranes and boom boats.
  • Coastal Mate shifts are usually 14 days long while Ocean Going Mate shifts are usually 21 days long.
  • Mates must be able to us all safety and firefighting equipment on the vessel as well as utilize all built in safety features, and be familiar with the duties of the Muster List.
  • Mates must be members in good standing with the Canadian Merchant Service Guild Western Branch.

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