Marine – Vessel / Tugboat Deckhand – Continuous


Transport Canada

  • Bridge Watchman Certificate

Prerequisite Requirements

  • Marine Medical Certificate
  • MED A1 – Basic Safety* (MEDI 1000)
  • Basic Safety Training (MEDI 1500)
  • MED – Survival Craft (MEDI 1800)

Seaspan Requirements

  • Marine Basic First Aid* (MSSM 1025)
  • Cooking Certification (or equivalent skill)
  • Pre-employment Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Physical & Aptitude Test
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Valid Passport
  • BC Food Safe Level 1
  • Seaspan Deckhand Training Program (2 weeks)
  • Supernumerary Requirement (14 days)

*Course included in Bridge Watchman Certificate Course at BCIT

Note: Completed MED A1 and B2 exempt applicant from requiring Basic Safety Training

What does a Deckhand Do?

  • Deckhands handle deck lines, wires, and towing tackle for both the vessel/tug and on the vessel being towed. They may work with barges during a shift; a physically demanding task.
  • Deckhands have limited duties in the engine room, and may be required to chip and paint the vessel.
  • Deckhands must be able o use all safety and firefighting equipment on the vessel as well as utilize all built in safety features.
  • Continuous Deckhand positions are expected to perform the duties of a Cook.
  • Deckhand applicants are expected to undergo pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, a physical and aptitude test, and a criminal record check. Continuous deckhand applicants must have a valid passport.
  • Deckhands must be members in good standing with the International Long Shore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) local 400.

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