Marine – Vessel Operations Manager

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversees operation of vessels through Port Captains and operational supervision of the marine fleet and crews. Provides leadership for the department, manages budgets, conducts performance assessments and manages employee development.
  • Collaborates the development, implementation and maintenance of the marine fleet operational policy – masters standing orders (MSO), standard operating procedures (SOP), and safe working procedures (SOP). Ensures all vessels and crews and prepared for Transport Canada inspection/certification.
  • Ensures workplace safety by implementing, maintaining and monitoring the Safety Management System for main vessels and care. Includes regular safety meetings, onboard visits, communications, and other safety protocols.
  • Conducts/oversees post-incident investigations to determine root causes of incident. If necessary, attends all hearing, provides recommendations and action plans and follows up to ensure corrective measure are put in place to prevent future incidents.
  • Oversees the operations contingency plan and acts as the Incident Commander during emergency and salvage response situations, which includes implementation of the Incident Commander System.

Required Education

  • Tugboat Masters with 500 Ton Certificate