Marine – Tugboat / Vessel – Cook


Transport Canada

  • Marine Medical Certificate

Prerequisite Requirements

  • MED A1 – Basic Safety (MEDI 1000)
  • Basic Safety Training (MEDI 1500)

Seaspan Requirements

  • Cooking Certification (or equivalent skill)
  • BC Food Safe Level 1
  • Supernumerary Requirements (14 days)

What does a Cook do?

  • The Cook prepares and serves three meals per day for 7 to 13 crew members.
  • Cooks load inventory, put away ship’s stores, and clean /maintain the galley and mess areas.
  • Cooks are proficient in using all safety and firefighting equipment on the vessel, all building in safety features, and are familiar with Muster List duties.
  • Seaspan Marine Cooks must be members in good standing with the International Long Shore & Warehouse Union (ILWU).
  • Seaspan Ferries Cooks must be members in good standing with the Seafarers Internation Union (SIU).

Additional Cook Requirements Include:

  • Pre-employment drug & alcohol testing
  • Criminal record check
  • Valid passport

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