LNG Bunkering

Safe. Reliable. Economical.

Map of North American west coastSeaspan LNG Bunkering is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the business of LNG bunker and coastal transportation of LNG in the Pacific Northwest, with the primary mission of solving the ‘availability’ challenge.

Ship-to-Ship Bunkering

Efficient, reliable bunkering of LNG onboard vessels throughout West Coast of North America. Designed to meet demanding customer, geographic and regulatory requirements.

Reliable, available source of LNG

Established, operating and reliable source of LNG located next to Seaspan’s terminal.

Reach throughout west coast of North America

  • Localized, rapid deployment to ports in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and Tacoma.
  • Highly maneuverable, energy efficient LNG Bunker Vessel allows reach from Prince Rupert, BC to Los Angeles, CA.

Turnkey LNG Delivery

  • Capability to provide bundled delivery of LNG through established network of commodity and liquefaction producers.
  • Scheduled delivery while receiving vessel at port to maximize time savings.
  • Deliveries beginning in 2022/23.

Things to know  LNG bunkering

Seaspan LNG has a designed a state of the art, 7600 cbm bunker vessel and is in the final stages of shipyard selection with a 2023 in-service date. The bunker vessel design has been approved in principle by Bureau Veritas.

Seaspan is a highly experienced LNG operator with a fleet of vessels that operate on LNG exclusively. Seaspan actively participates in LNG bunkering risk assessments with key stakeholders and is a member of ‘The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel’.

Able to provide the cleanest source of LNG with stable pricing on a globally competitive level. Clean LNG supplied through the use of electricity for liquefaction which yields a 29% reduction in GHG over the global average.

Experienced, proven track record with liquefied natural gas

  • In 2016 Seaspan took delivery and began operation of two LNG powered vessels.
  • In 2019 Seaspan expanded its LNG powered fleet with two additional vessels.
  • Seaspan pioneered safe, reliable bunkering of LNG onboard vessels in British Columbia working with classification society, regulators, industry associations and Canadian government.
  • Capability to provide advisory services to assist in the decision and business case to new
    build or convert an existing vessel to LNG.

Benefits of liquefied natural gas

  • Elimination of SOx emissions.
  • ECA compliant marine fuel.
  • IMO 2020 Sulfur Cap compliant marine fuel.

Seaspan as your full-service marine solution partner

Ship Assist

State-of-the-art fleet of tugboats providing ship assist and escort services throughout British Columbia.

Fuel Bunkering

Competitive traditional fuel bunkering of all grades operating 24/7 in Port of Vancouver.

Ship Repair

Turnkey, Panamax capable vessel repair and retrofit services.

LNG Conversion

Specialized LNG conversion expertise and large-scale vessel repair services.