Core Ideology

Seaspan consists of several Canadian entities with a rich heritage in the coastal communities of British Columbia.

Over the years, each of these companies has earned a favorable reputation from the customers they serve. The management and employees of these companies are dedicated to retaining that reputation by employing continuous improvement initiatives in every facet of the business.

Our Core Purpose and Core Values

A core purpose is that perpetual guiding star on the horizon. It’s meant to lead and inspire the company and its employees indefinitely. And, relating back to our new core purpose, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the shipyard or on the marine side of the business; at the end of the day we are all striving to do just that – Passionately Deliver the Best Marine Solutions. The fact is we all have one thing that binds us together, and that’s passion. A passion for the sea, and a passion for boats – whether sailing on them, building or fixing them, or supporting those who do. A passion to do the job right the first time, a passion to serve our customers as efficiently as possible, and a general overall passion for the marine industry that, we believe, surpasses all others.

The Seaspan Core Values are – Safety, Care, Efficiency and Accountability. Truly, these are a refinement and restatement of values and operating priorities we have held in the past. The propeller represents the concept of balance among our Core Values, and the acknowledgement of accountability as both the driver and force that holds our values together.

“Accountability is what Seaspan is all about; it is what our people represent. It is what makes all of us work with passion, and it is what makes Seaspan a success. If we don’t have accountability it is very hard to believe we will ever achieve our goals,” said Brent Hale, Chief Administrative Officer.

“Shared values help provide clarity – through a common language and an indication of expected ways of behaving. These are not only expectations we have of our employees, but more importantly of our senior leaders. Seaspan’s Core Values of Safety, Care, Efficiency and Accountability are at the heart of who we are, and what we strive to accomplish. It is my personal accountability to behave in alignment with these values as a leader.”