Community, Awareness, and Recognition

We understand that our company operates in environmentally sensitive and populated areas. We respect that the public and community at large is interested in how we are managing our environmental aspects, and we aim to respond to public concerns in the most effective manner. To get in touch, please contact us.

Below we demonstrate some of our environmental stewardship and awareness initiatives, including recognition we have received from the local community for our efforts.

Annual Participation in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean up

Seaspan ULC has hosted employee, community, and family shoreline cleanup events on various BC beaches and waterways for over 5 years in line with our Core Value of Care for the environment.

Vic Van

MacKay Creek Restoration Project

Seaspan has a long history of environmental and community stewardship in the MacKay Creek estuary, dating back to 2006 when the creek was diverted off the 50 Pemberton property back to its original channel along the east side of Vancouver Shipyard. This required Seaspan to complete some habitat compensation efforts as part of the 2006 regulatory approvals.

A salmon rearing channel was built along the east side of 50 Pemberton. We completed invasive species removal, conducted employee shoreline cleanups, facilitated a DFO/community-led salmon fish release, maintained regular channel inspections by a Professional Biologist – and generally took care of that portion of the estuary.

Recently with the Shipyard Modernization Project there was an opportunity for Seaspan to complete further habitat compensation works in the MacKay estuary due to the impact of constructing the new VSY Load-Out Pier (as part of the Federal Government Fleet Renewal program).

Seaspan has partnered with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation to provide access and support further restoration activities in MacKay Creek. The west side of the estuary has excellent public viewing opportunities from the City of North Vancouver’s King’s Mill walkway and overpass.

Seaspan was recognized for this work and other stewardship activities with the annual Environmental Stewardship Award from the City of North Vancouver.

Other Environmental Awareness Initiatives

  • Employee Earth Day and Earth Hour events
  • Bike to Work Week participation
  • Port Metro Vancouver Idle-Free Zone signage posted in our shipyards and marine terminals
  • Implemented a storm drain marking program using fish stencils on our shipyards in an effort to promote awareness and prevent deleterious substance release to the marine environment
  • Deployed ‘Turn-it-Off’ stickers and printing reduction posters across the company to raise resource consumption awarenes