Professional Services

Careers in Professional Services

Our three shipyards and our Marine division have been centres of high-quality transport, shipbuilding, and repair for decades—and now we are entering a 30-year period of even higher production and growth. We are looking for skilled people to join our Operation and Technical teams across the organization.

Seaspan Shipyards, Seaspan Marine and Seaspan Ferries

At Vancouver Shipyards, Vancouver Drydock and Victoria Shipyards, you’ll find a fast-paced and project-oriented environment that is focused on efficiency, safety, and quality. Our philosophy of continuous improvement means our workforce enjoys the benefit of constant investment in training, infrastructure and technology.

At our thriving Seaspan Marine and Seaspan Ferries offices, we have been providing sea transport services to the West Coast since 1898. In Vancouver, Delta, Nanaimo and at outports all along the southern coast we operate commercial roll-on/roll-off ferry services, shipdocking, and marine transportation services such as container, railcar and commercial truck transport via self-propelled ferries and tug-barge. Our staff at these ports and outports enjoy a busy, high-energy work environment and our same commitment to safety, training, and infrastructure.

The Seaspan Commitment

We have built our success in the marine industry on three foundations: experience, technology, and expertise. We need talented people who are committed to ensuring that we sustain our leadership in quality, efficiency and continuous improvement. In return, we offer a progressive and respectful work environment in Canada’s most beautiful region, ongoing investment in our staff and infrastructure, and a fulfilling career in an industry that creates a legacy.

Our commitment to continuous improvement

Marine Services is responsible for the commercial management and traffic coordination of all commodity barge products (petro, chemical, forest products, etc.) They also coordinate and transport occasional marine module traffic around Vancouver Island.

Marine Operations coordinates vessel docking assists, vessel escort duties, and general barge towing in the Vancouver Harbour, Fraser Lake and BC Coast line.

Some positions include:

  • Project Managers
  • Naval Architects
  • Engineers in various disciplines
  • Trade Supervisors
  • Quality Assurance Representatives
  • Port Captains
  • Traffic Coordinators
  • Dispatchers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Commercial Managers

Current job openings