Career Path – Shipyards

Careers in the Shipyards can begin with an apprenticeship for Red Seal trades, or with a job directly in the yard. Working in the trades brings opportunities for you to develop specialized leadership, technical and computer skills​.

Red Seal Shipyard Trades

Step 1: Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is the first step to working in the Red Seal Trades. Details on Seaspan Shipyard trades and how to obtain Red Seal certification for Seaspan Shipyards trades are available in the Apprenticeship Program section of this site. Be aware that most apprenticeships need you complete a Foundations Certificate as a prerequisite (your local college can help with this).

Getting your Red Seal means you are a Ticketed Journeyperson. To be considered for, or progress along the career path, a combination of being Red Seal Certified, meeting all job requirements and training expectations, and having the required number of years of experience, will help you on your way into various Shipyard Operational and Corporate Roles:

Shipyard Operational Roles

  • Ticketed Journeyperson

    • You have met and achieved the requirements for writing the relevant inter provincial or provincial certification exam
    • You have successfully passed the certification examination and have a Red Seal Diploma/Certificate of Qualification for your trade – this is known as having your ticket.
  • Leadhand

    • As a Lead Hand, you are an experienced worker in charge of a small group of employees in the same trade
    • You play an intermediate role between workers and supervisors.
  • Chargehand and Senior Chargehand

    • As a Chargehand, you will fill the requirements of a supervisor or a foreman while the primary person holding down the administrative and/or management-level duties is either unavailable or per-disposed.
    • You provide support to the foreman in leading the department, ensuring quality levels and building relationships among your team.
  • Trade Supervisor

    • You are accountable for the safe, productive, efficient, and timely operation of all work performed by your Department in the Shipyard or Drydock.
    • You provide departmental leadership, direction and motivation, and oversee that productivity and quality levels are consistently maintained  while providing direction for continuous process improvement in your department.
  • Operations Manager

    • Accountable for the safe, productive, and efficient execution of all work performed at the Shipyard or Drydock by ensuring appropriate project support and staffing levels of unionized workforce.
    • You are also responsible for the implementation and application of safety and environmental procedures and controls and for providing direction, expectations and leadership to the direct reports. In the Vice President and General Manager’s absence, the incumbent acts as his/her designate.

Step 2: Develop your potential

Once you have your Red Seal, you can help yourself succeed by developing Leadership, Technical and Computer Skills for Shipyard Operational Roles in your trade:

Non-Red Seal Seaspan Trades and Occupations:

Some roles in the Seaspan Shipyards are not Red Seal Trades however, they are also very skilled and specialized. Click on each one to find the Leadership, Technical and Computer Skills courses that will help you be most successful in your role:

For a complete listing of all currently available positions, please see our job openings.

Unions for Electricians, Pipefitters and Welders in Vancouver provide additional training opportunities for members:

Please consult your union for more information; complete list of unions can be found on the lower section of the Apprenticeship Program home page.