Career Path – Apprenticeship

Many careers at Seaspan start with Apprenticeship

Becoming a Red Seal Certified Journeyperson marks the start of your personal journey to becoming proficient in all aspects of your trade and enables you to specialize in your trade and take on different roles throughout your career. Our commitment is to provide you the on-the-job training and experience you need to get your Red Seal Certificate from the Industry Training Authority. This page provides links to the on-site training overviews, definitions, information links and outlines the process for becoming an apprentice.

Three Steps to Apprenticeship

Step 1. Get Informed

Click on the trade that interest you for an overview of on-the-job skills development we provide apprentices and consult the Definitions & Information Links for Apprenticeship and Seaspan Shipyard Trades Careers section as you’ll need to know the difference between being a Seaspan or Union sponsored apprentice:

Step 2. Talk it Out

Discuss your career steps with your school councillor, career counsellor, or a union hall representative. If you are interested in starting your apprenticeship with Seaspan, please monitor our job openings for opportunities.

Step 3. Apply

Seaspan sponsored apprentices are selected and sponsored through an application process. Watch the job openings section to find out when opportunities become available. Union sponsored apprentices are selected and sponsored through their Union and can be recruited by Seaspan. Enrollment into courses is subject to your acceptance into an apprenticeship program.

Note: Availability of apprenticeship depends on the projects we have on the go at any time and having shipyards in both Vancouver and Victoria helps create ongoing opportunities for you.