Career Directions

Passionately delivering the best marine solutions

A shipbuilding, repair, and transport operation of our size requires people in a wide spectrum of roles: at sea and on shore, at our shipyards and outports, on deck and in our head office. Each of our employees have different career needs and goals—be it travel, stability, variety, advancement, innovation, or security—but they all share the same passions: all committed to constant improvement, and all want to be a part of a marine industry that will leave a lasting legacy.

Seaspan’s shipyards are the best in Canada. We have a strong apprenticeship program, and safety is priority one.- Steve Barnes, Dockmaster

Today, in securing a share of the NSS contract from the federal government, we have ensured the continued strength and expansion of British Columbia’s maritime industry for decades to come. So if you have the talent and passion, come join our team.

Seaspan is looking for skilled people to fill roles in all of our work environments:

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services group works out of our head offices in North Vancouver. Our head office team makes sure our entire corporate culture is one of responsibility, progressive strategy, and continuous improvement. More about Corporate Services careers.


Our Operations team works all across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. The talent and dedication in our operations staff has made us a leader in efficiency and quality. More about Operations careers.

The NSS project means job security and an opportunity to take on a series of really interesting builds.- Pete Lorimer, Trade Supervisor


Our skilled tradespeople build, refit and maintain a wide range of vessels that pass through our three shipyards and our outports. Our tradespeople enjoy a progressive work culture and a comprehensive apprenticeship program, and benefit from our heavy investment in health, safety, infrastructure, and equipment. More about Trades careers.


Our At-Sea workforce captain and maintain our active fleet of transport vessels and support their staff. These positions offer travel, advancement, camaraderie, variety, and a dynamic and fulfilling quality of life.  More about At-Sea careers.

We are British Columbia’s marine transportation professionals. It is with great pride that we conduct all our operations to the highest standards of safety and environmental stewardship, to ensure Canada’s breathtaking West Coast is honoured and protected. - Paul Hilder, Vice President, Marine Operations – Seaspan Marine