British Columbia

Quick Facts about BC

  • Population: 4.5 million, mostly concentrated near the urban centres of Vancouver and Victoria
  • Population growth: 1.6% annually
  • Median age: 40
  • Provincial incorporation: 1871
  • Provincial capital: Victoria
  • Number of parks: 1,000
  • Important industries: Forestry, tourism, natural resources, ports and shipping, digital media, film production
  • Provincial Motto: “Splendour without Diminishment”

At Seaspan, we enjoy the perfect union of two very good fortunes: to be a successful and experienced marine company and to be located in one of the world’s most beautiful, captivating, and vibrant coastal regions. British Columbia’s history and our own are tightly intertwined, and we’ve been growing with BC almost from the beginning.

Our shipyards in Vancouver and Victoria benefit from the area’s mild climate and the progressive urban cultures of our cities: each one unique, but each prizing the West Coast values of healthy living, life balance, diversity, outdoor adventure, great food and culture, and a strong and stable infrastructure for education, healthcare, and raising a family.

Within minutes from our doors are city beaches, forested parks, ski hills, bike trails and year-round golfing, boating, and hiking. Within hours are the winter playgrounds of Whistler and Mount Washington; the laid-back Gulf Islands; the rugged Pacific coast and the sweep of Long Beach; the vast and rolling BC interior with its lakes, cowboy country, and pretty vineyards; and, finally, the high Rocky Mountains that form the eastern border of our province.

And always around us are the beautiful Coastal mountain ranges, the calm and stunning Strait of Georgia, and the inlets and waterways that form our coastline. These gentle and familiar treasures of geography are our home, our history, and the foundation of our shipbuilding and marine transport industry.

The world is waking up to British Columbia—through our high global quality-of-life scores, through word-of-mouth from visitors, and through the accomplishments of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. If you are from here, you already know all the advantages of life in this unparalleled region. If you are from elsewhere in Canada or the world, take a moment to learn more about living in Vancouver and Victoria, immigrating to Canada, and how you too can join our team and find your place in British Columbia.