August 2013

During the month of August 2013, major construction activities will include the continuation of concrete foundation works for the various on-site buildings, steel erection for the various buildings, and the relocation and installation of the various underground site services. In-water construction for the Load-Out Pier is continuing and is restricted within the confines of the existing shipyard marine structures.

These activities will include delivery of ready-mix concrete, steel structures, and the various pipes and materials required for the site services works. Truck traffic to the site is expected to be approximately 40 per day during the concrete placement dates.

During the month of August, ground improvements for the crane rail foundation by the “rapid compaction” method will be in progress. We expect this activity to be completed prior to the end of August.

In mid-August, off-site remediation works to MacKay Creek immediately adjacent to the eastern boundary of the Shipyard will commence. The remediation work will include improvements to the fish passage within MacKay Creek as well as restoration work to the channel. This work is required for the Fisheries Habitat Compensation Authorization for the Load-Out Pier.

Hours of work on-site is typically 7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday with occasional weekend works required to avoid conflicts with the shipyards operational activities.