Definitions & Information Links for Apprenticeship and Seaspan Shipyard Trades Careers

Scroll down the page for definitions and related links at National, Provincial, Seaspan and Union levels for the apprenticeship and career development to help you get started on your career. Links are shown light blue. You can access these by clicking on them.

The National Occupational Analysis

NOA guides each trade by defining the skills necessary to work in that trade – these are updated regularly and used for the Red Seal (interprovincial or I.P.) exam. NOA information link

Apprenticeship training helps you get a certificate of Qualification (COQ), which is accepted across British Columbia. The Red Seal Program represents an Interprovincial standard of excellence for industry. Exams are based off the NOA requirements. Passing the Red Seal exam gets you an interprovincial certificate or ‘ticket’ allowing you to practice your trade in all provinces and territories across Canada. Red Seal Website and Red Seal Brochure

The Industry Training Authority of British Columbia (ITABC)

ITA is a provincial government organization that records training hours, school marks and sends recommendations to your employer for Red Seal Certifications. As an Apprentice you will be registered with the ITA and have access to the ITA site where you can view your recorded hours. ITA website

The ITA established the Resource Training Organization (RTO) as an ‘Industry Training Organizations (ITO’s) to oversee apprenticeship training in the resource sector which includes heavy shipbuilding and repair. The RTO can update provincial curriculum and exams to match NOA and lead industry training strategies and program development activities. RTO website offers career knowledge and apprenticeship information for women interested in the trades. Job Profiles, Resources and Upcoming events are featured. This site is sponsored in part by the RTO and as a result links to the RTO site for additional information on apprenticeship website

Trades Rock Visit this site to get insight into the Shipbuilding and Repair industry and the jobs involved through testimonials, articles video and more. TradesRock website

Accredited Learning Institutions provide the classroom courses and training segment of your apprenticeship program. Instructors may participate in reviewing NOA for their trade and help their institutions refine curriculum and exams.

See what’s involved in the classroom side of apprenticeship by following the links to the trade for program schedules, course outline, hours and schedules. Remember enrollment is subject to your acceptance into an apprentice program. The following links are for your information only:

British Columbia Institute of Technology website (Vancouver) and Camosun College website (Victoria)

For Painter and Decorator Apprenticeship courses are available at the Finishing Trades Institute of British Columbia (FTIBC). FTIBC website

Seaspan Shipyards

As an employer Seaspan Shipyards has a responsibility for ensuring you have a safe work environment, proper equipment, and to ensure your work-based training is completed under the direction or supervision of a certified tradesperson or equivalent. Seaspan Shipyards offer apprenticeship opportunities for a number of trades. When you are enrolled into your apprenticeship program through Seaspan you are considered a Seaspan Shipyard sponsored apprentice.

Seaspan Sponsored Apprentice

As a Seaspan Shipyard sponsored apprentice the goal is to complete your apprenticeship courses and training with Seaspan. You will receive a Training Guide from Human Resources specifically designed for your trade which outlines the roles and responsibilities of Apprentices and Seaspan and serves as a guide for you throughout your program. The guide also explains wage scale based on your progression and raises, school registration, exam prep, how Seaspan reports your progress to the ITA and the roles and responsibilities of and during the program.

Union Sponsored Apprentice

Most often Electricians and Pipefitters apprentice through their union. As a Union sponsored apprentice, you will have the same training as Seaspan Shipyard apprentices however, you may be moved to different companies to complete your training hours. You will receive a Training Guide from Seaspan Shipyards Human Resources to supplement your experience in the Shipyard. This guide outlines the role and responsibilities of Apprentices and Seaspan. Reports on your progress are provided to the ITA by your union.

Trade Unions

Vancouver Shipyards (50 Pemberton Avenue) – Poly Part Unions & Vancouver Shipyards (Panamax) Dry Dock Union Council

Victoria Shipyards

Trades related service lines

Visit the for additional Union contact details.